Ukrainiangirls for marriage. Irina a single Ukrainian Real Bride. How to find a wife in

Irina, 29years old, a single Ukrainian Real Bride, want to find a romantic ambitious man
who will consider herunique and special, you can learn more information about this lady on our


List ofquestions:

2:03 – Howold are you?
2:44 –Where did you learn English?
3:22 – Doyou live alone or with your parents?
3:38 – Areyou originally from Kharkov, Ukraine?
3:43 – Haveyou ever been married?
3:51 – Whydid you decide to join Ukrainian Real Brides?
5:39 – Areyou open to meet a man who is from another country and even from another
6:50 – Canyou describe to me your perfect date? How do you see your first date?
9:42 – Canyou describe a man you want to meet?
12:06 - Areyou open to guy who was divorced and who is a single father?
12:49 – Isthere something what you really don’t like in a man?
14:47 – Canyou tell a little bit about your job?
15:38 – Doyou work for someone or it’s your own business?
15:57 – Areyou open to have kids?
16:23 - Howdo you see your life in 5 years?
17:37- Canyou give some recommendations to guys who want to travel to Ukraine and to meet
a lady fromUkraine?
21:20–Secret question. What does stop you in your changes?
22:35 – Canyou name one habit which you have which you don’t like but really want to get
rid of it?


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